Encore Une Fois

It means "Once Again". Reuse. Recycle. Upcycle.


All clothing is hand selected from local Edmonton and area Blogger's closets. 

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Condition of Clothing

Please note in all of the descriptions you will see what Brand of clothing the piece is and the Condition of the clothing. BNWT: Brand New With Tag, BNWOT: Brand New WithOut Tag, EUC: Excellent Used Condition, GUC: Good Used Condition.  Often a fashion blogger gets clothing and wears it only once or twice for photoshoots so it is sold as EUC. We are very honest about the condition of the piece in the description, so please read it well before buying as there are no returns! 

About Us: Who are we?

Business Partners

Renata went to school in Australia to become a Chiropractor and is waiting to complete exams.  She is a fiancé, mother, sister and a LipSense distributor. 

Marina is the owner of Prairie Couture, a mobile fashion boutique.  She is also a wifey, mother, sister and entrepreneur. 

They decided to go into business after meeting so many fashion bloggers. We all complained of the same thing, overflowing closets! 

Best Friends

When Marina suffered a heart attack and was diagnosed with SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection) in September 2017, just one week before the grand opening of her pop-up shop, Renata stepped up.  Although she had two kids under two at the time, she completely managed and took care of it all so that Marina could properly rehabilitate without questions or complaints. 


Before the partnership and friend thing came to be Renata & Marina were sisters.  Marina was 9 years old when her baby sister was born. Marina was so proud to be a big sister and brought Renata in to show and tell and could not stop bragging about her...she still does!